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Who is Moon Bunny?

Hi, I'm Ai Xin!

A Singapore Based Tarot Reader. Established in 2021, I came out of the tarot closet with the support of close friends.

Moon Bunny your practical tarot reader
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The Fools Journey

Born in 1990's, I had frequently visited Guan Yin Temple with my family & experienced de-ja-vu inducing "prophetic" dreams during my primary school days. I would tell my friends, I dreamt of the very same moment where a yellow butterfly flutters by from the left to the right, then we walk up a bridge. And had touched on the very same topic in my dream. As a Child, it was interesting and a wonder! However, that was all there was to it. A Wonder.

In my Teens, I met friends who exposed me to the world of the occult. It was where I began learning about energies. Negative, positive, Tarot Cards & even the existence of celestial beings. I started out with crystals and dowsing with them. Feeling energies and I gradually got sensitive to them. Negative energies felt like numbing sensations in my hands and running water helped "wash" it away. However, I never embraced that. It just felt too "woo woo ju ju" for me to handle. My left brain was always in conflict with my right. 

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The Tower

It wasn't until i was in my early 20s that I had my very first clairaudient experience. Imagine having grown up with the concept of Buddhism, then entering a church only to experience an auditory hallucination. The experience drove me crazy as it ate into my daily life. It was always noisy and yet the messages were clear and kind. I wondered if it was due to stress. It was scary to go to bed at night as I had horrifying experiences of hearing Hisses and laughter snake across my ears. I'd wake up in fear and pray. My beliefs of the "ONE" true religion was torn to shreds and I learnt something new. It is even heavily etched into my soul.

There is no "right" or "wrong" in how source reaches people. It is just due to the amount of diversity in the world that we have different ways to connect with source.  

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I Grew to Serve


I'm still working through throughly accepting my spiritual aspect (in turn, Believing in Me) as I've always been fearful of judgement. And the more I fit into my skin, the more I'm meeting open hearted individuals with the similar belief systems. Even if we do not have the exact same spiritual beliefs, we have similar morality. I realised I'm not alone. I just attracted different people as I pretended to be someone else.

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At Present

The High Priestess

In my 30s, I was offered the opportunity to do my very first paid reading from my close friends. I took a leap of faith and felt an immensely different sense of accomplishment and love for being able to give guidance and direction. There also is a level of fulfilment which wasn't in my day job. So I am very blessed to be able to serve others through Tarot today.

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My Personal Life

With a background of animation and design, my day/freelance jobs are Graphic Design and Marketing! In my free time, I love to watch K-Drama, Anime, Netflix's series like Stranger Things, Gaming Youtuber's and listen to K-Pop artists (Shinee, Taeyeon Jessi and more!). A few hobbies are painting, drawing and dancing. I'm also an avid supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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