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Tarot Reader Explores Western Astrology!

Moonbunny learns to read Astrology with Gabriele, Third Eye Seer.

Photo by Ai Xin: @gabriele.sees conducting his first class with 2nd Cohort students at scape.

Foundational astrology taught by Gabriele Goh is a 5 week long class! We pick up the basic meanings of planets, signs and houses in the first 3 weeks then jump into aspects the last few weeks. There even was a mystery guest that allowed us to apply what we had learnt. And my favourite bit (though sorely intense), was the mystery chart homework we had to do for our last session.

And you may ask, there are a few astrologers out there, Why Gabriele?

Not only does he teach astrology with a clear and and adaptive manner, a space of safety is important to him. That is what I genuinely appreciate. He does his best to address certain issues and ask for permission if the topic that came up is too sensitive to our hearts. Having been exposed to his services in astrology, tarot, channeling and coaching since 2019, I feel extremely safe with him. If you are interested in going for an astrology class, I highly recommend his!

Check out his socials to learn more!

Photo by Gabriele Goh: @gabriele.sees conducting his classes at scape with his 1 & 2 Cohort students

So why did I go ahead to learn astrology to begin with?

Honestly, I felt that tarot could be too 'spiritual' if you get my drift. Many messages from our guides and beings from the light tend to be quite floaty. We understand it's better for us to have free will and take risks going that route. I hoped to facilitate tarot with astrology to get clearer and more specific messages. It can highlight your latent and potential talents! What you find fulfillment and with tarot, it can tell you how to get there. It's a great combo to serve with.

Photo by Kenny: @gabriele.sees teaching us a spread with a combination of Astrology x Tarot.

After our astrology class, we had a cohort meet up. We met up with new and familiar faces. Exchanging knowledge, winding down and chit chatting about tarot x astrology as most of us are into tarot! It was an amazing combi when we mixed tarot with our knowledge of the houses and signs. Although a bit complex, it has depth. Giving us more information and a clearer definition of what we need to know. It's a great space for sharing and opening up to possibilities. I myself have tried the spread with my clients and it worked extremely well! It even helped point out what they needed to hear (according to them!). So I'm glad this new found knowledge and application has served and I hope to continue to using it in the future!

If you're interested in my combination readings, go ahead and drop me a line on my IG or enter your info in the form on this site!

Would love to hear from you!


MoonBunny Ai

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