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Sentosa Festive Market by Sunday Social Market

When given the opportunity to do tarot at a pop up booth event, moonbunny jumped for it!

It was quite sudden and spontaneous and in collaboration with Gabriele.Sees!

As I wasn't as swamped the week before, I utilized my designer skill set to create banners and getting unique display cases to help spruce up the booth! We came up with different ways to showcase what we had and even strung up the 12 Horoscopes predictions for 2023. On site, we were also given a chalk board to decorate and call out to passer-bys. I definitely had fun decorating/drawing using chalk for the very first time.

With the usual boothing, we sell crystal bracelets, offer free oracle card pulls and offer Astrology coaching teasers at 20mins a session on site.

Tarot consultations were held by Moonbunny as we were given an extra table! I went in without any expectations and surprisingly had quite a number of fresh faces try out my service on the first day. My rate was going at 20mins for $50SGD. Everyone fully utilized the time and left with utmost clarity!

I definitely had fun meeting new people and reaching out to the masses with Tarot and Astrology. Letting many know it's really nothing to fear and it is an alternative way that offers clarity and direction.

Want to give my tarot readings a shot? Feel free to DM me on Instagram, drop me an email at moonbunnyai@gmail, or fill in my contact form!

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