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MoonBunny's Very First Corporate Reading

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

While managing my expectations, wiping my palms and getting geared up, I went to Gensler to conduct my very first corporate reading!

I was blessed as YQmagic had given me the opportunity to give it a shot. With excitement, nervousness and setting aside my self doubts, I gave it a go. It was outside of my comfort zone of doing a massive reading session.

It was very quick. With 10 minutes per person it was like a rapid fire round. However, many wanted to stick around way past 10. Having more and more questions come up as time went by. It's very common for more inquiries to come up during the session and you suddenly feel a large number of questions you wanted clarity for, even when you only came in with one question.

It ended up being over 3 hours long instead of 2! Needless to say, I got very tired yet it was fulfilling. It didn't scare me off and I'll be more than happy to do an event reading again.

If you're keen on grabbing me for an event, feel free to contact me here or drop me a DM on my IG page!

Much Loves,

- Ai

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