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Communication through Mercury RETROGRADE

OISG- Understanding Communication through the lens of Astrology and Personal Development facilitated by @Gabriele.sees

Aside from teaching astrology, Gabriele hosts a variety of events! Many which are LGBTQIA+ friendly!

I had the pleasure of helping him at the side being the little door lady.

Not only is it a good place to pick up on western astrology knowledge, it's also an environment where it's safe to share. Ensuring everything shared is private and confidential. Staying within the space without judgement and with openness.

With Mercury Retrograde as the theme, we learnt about Mercury as a planet. It represents our communication, how we deduce and connect information, even transportation! So once we hear Mercury retrograde is around the corner, we probably can brace that the train is going to break down. Even be unsurprised when miscommunication happens around the office or at home.

Gabriele makes it personal by identifying your Mercury and letting you know how it hits you. You also get to engage with people who has the same mercury as you!

If you have any curiosity regarding astrology and such events, do keep an eye out @gabriele.sees socials! You are sure to have an enlightening, engaging time~ Because I sure did. =3

MoonBunny Ai

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