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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect my reading to be like?

Step 1: I'll Identify your questions & goals and break it down further we can have clearer answers. 

Step 2: We will establish what you wish to gain or take away from our tarot reading session.

Step 3: I will Inquire with your religious beliefs and ask your guides for protection before starting the session.

Step 4: I will identify suitable tarot spreads for your questions & explain what they represent

Step 5: I will start pulling cards and interpreting them. You will be able to ask spontaneous questions as it comes up to you.

How long a session do I need?

It is recommended to take 1 Hour per Topic. If you have 4 questions, you may end up asking more than 10 within the hour as we will clarify and dive deep into each question.

2 Hours will help cover 2 topics and I do not recommend getting a session for more than 2 hours as it can be too much information to absorb.

If 2 Hours feel like it's too much, you can extend it at $60/Half Hour!

Is there a difference between Online & In Person readings?

Yes there is! However it doesn't affect the accuracy of the reading. 

  • Online Readings will be conducted via online video calls.  The benefit is, you will be provided an audio recording after the session!

  • In Person Readings are more interactive. You get to pull your own cards for your questions!

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How Should I Phrase my Questions?

A Few Examples to get you started


Career Readings

  • What are the Pro's and Cons in this Company?

  • How do my colleagues view me?

  • What actions can I take to get a promotion?

Romance Readings

  • What are the lessons I need to learn from this relationship?

  • What Actions can I take to improve our relationship?

  • How do they feel towards me?

Self Care Readings

  • What do I need now to take better care of myself?

  • What actions can I take?

  • What am I procrastinating?

  • What Can I be grateful for?

Still have a question? Contact me!

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